Towards The Sea

Towards the Sea is a 2 player coop love story played together on the same screen, controlling 2 characters from a top down camera.
It is a story of relationship and the difference in how we see the world and how we each shape our own reality. This difference is expressed with the use of a 'view cone' for each character.
Each with their own shape revealing different parts of their surrounding world and reality.

The game will be a short, 1-2 hour experience. The target audience age 16-30 and primary platform is PC/Mac.
The immediate goal and presentation plays in the vein of a classic platformer.
Get from one side of the level to the other, with the added obstacle of a world partly obscurred by the limits of your view.
The view cones will not only act as the tool and motivation for a collaborative gameplay, but our means of giving character and telling a story of relationship to the players.

The Intro Sequence:
The intro level has each player as one of an unknown number of warrior like beings fighting their way up through a castle. Intruders race upwards from a dungeon harbor to towers winding stairs as light and flames intensify.
The first reaches the thrown room.
A blaze that no longer seems to be lit by torch but come from something there within the room. Moving closer the flame falls away and they meet. A girl with a dress of now calm flowing flames whispers 'tussi'. Player 2 take her first few steps and as the floor caves in they both fall into darkness.

The story starts in stereotype, warriors, castle, princess, but ends in ambiguity as the frailty of each player's reality is exposed and change during the game. The story will be emerge with the gampelay. Never will the game tell the story, you will simply play it out with as much interpretation of its events left to be understood between the players. The only written and spoken words are permutations of the sentence "To sea". as a plea, a command, a hope or a direction on a sign, but at first as the loving nickname she gives him; 'tussi'.

The images here are only a rough direction. I spending time over the summer to develop a prototype of the gameplay first before moving on to finding an aesthetic that follows the ideas found there.