Bastian Leonhardt Strube

3D generalist working with games and film.

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currently with Precious Metals


Animated feature-length documentary in development. Co-produced between Precious Metals in Viborg and Fasad in Stockholm. I have started learning and experimenting with Houdini for the project.

you can write me for a private link to the pilot/teaser

Might and Delight 2013-2015

Shelter 2

Game released March 2015
Role: 3D artist
A Lynx and mother of 4 cubs journey through nature. I modeled and rigged the characters, sketched locations and created the terrain for the 3 levels, camera setup, created assets and a few custom shaders.
Game Website | Steam | Humble

The Blue Flamingo

Game released November 2014
Role: Lead Technical Artist
Ol' school shoot'em'up made from models.
I headed the digitization of the assets and effects. 
Behind the scenes: Backdrop | Assets
Game Website | Steam 

Child of Cooper

Cancelled game project.
What was to be a mysteries journey back to childhood memories aboard a transatlantic steamer. Voices of adults in a language you don't understand and a disorienting darkness clouding the ship around you.
I developed and created the 3D graphics for the project.
Game Website | Trailer

Bachelor in CG Arts from The Animation Workshop

Once Upon A Candle

Released January 2015
Role: Art Director
Bachelor film from The Animation Workshop.
A comedic fairy tale made with 6 other students.
I rigged all characters and created the 3D & compositing pipeline